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2016-11-22 01:44:53

Light Envoy Liz is the keeper of Paramount and most trusted follower of Fortuna. Liz is the liaison between the Supreme Council and the Humans.

She was once a servant of Tanya, bright and gifted. Shw witnessed the fall of Tanya. With the help of Liz, Tanya finally came to peace with her inner struggles, but it was all too late.

Before falling into eternal slumber, Tanya transferred her power to Liz, making her the icon of Light.



[Child of Light] Deploy with Fortuna to gain 12% HP

[Divine Judgement] Deploy with Doyle to gain 12% ATK

[Path of Light] Deploy with Moira to gain 10% HP

[Remarkable] Deploy with Lane and Kay to gain 18% HP and ATK