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Game321 Website Migration With NGames

2018-11-29 04:12:21

Dear Game321 Users,


First of all, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you for your support and love for Game321.

In order to improve your gaming experience, and offer you better technical and service support, Game321 migrated the website with NGames website at Nov. 27th.


We apologize for any trouble this caused and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Migration Rules:

1.www.game321.com changed to www.ngames.com

2.All games' website domain changed from Game321.com to NGames.com expect ro.game321.com

3.Top-up page changed to http://www.ngames.com/en/store

4.After the migration, all accounts registered on Game321.com can still be used to log into the NGames.com with the same passport id and password.

5.Unused Golden Beans were also transferred to new website. And when they were used out, golden beans will not be available on NGames anymore. Players should purchase for the game character directly.


Should you have any questions on this, or if you cannot log in on NGames.com, please contact our support team.


Support E-Mail: [email protected]/[email protected]


Game321 & NGames Official Team

Nov. 29th, 2018